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i’ve got my account since 2012 after damn picnik closed and my pictures went from epic to big nope
so 10 minutes ago i just had to pick up my jaw from the floor when i found out that i need to pay now.
i do totally understand you though but come on, i’ve been using this for so long and i’m so used to the editing tools you just can’t take it away from me.
i could probably pay you when i’m dead and maybe famous with my paintings hanging in the louvre because let me ask you, have you ever seen a young and still living artist with enough money? well if the answer is yes, congratulations to that one lucky lobster who is unfortunately not me.
if it is about creating and adding new editing tools why didn’t you just feature them in the premium upgrade
so if we wanted to use ( and obviously could afford ) those new tools we could pay for the upgrade.
or send me money so i can pay you
that would be cool.