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Hi Julie, This one’s a little tricky and we’ll probably be introducing an easier way to do it in the future. Regardless of how it’s done though, it’s difficult to make it look real (as though your sister was in the original photo), even for professional photo retouchers.

Here’s how to do it right now:

1. Open up the Christmas get-together photo in Ribbet
2. Drag the photo of your sister on as a layer (from the photo basket). Make sure your sister is at least as big as you want her in the final photo.
3. Go to Advanced > Pro Editor > Pixlr Editor
4. Click on the lasoo tool (2nd from the top on the right of the toolbar) and trace the area around your sister that you want to cut out. After tracing, you can make adjustments to your selection: add to the selection by holding Shift and tracing an area, or remove by holding Ctrl/Command and tracing an area.
5. Click Edit > Cut on the menu
6. Click File > New Image on the menu, tick transparent and then click OK
7. Click Edit > Paste
8. Click File > Save and in format choose PNG. Click OK
9. You will be returned to Ribbet. Click Undo once (which makes the cutout area a sticker), and then delete the layer of your sister which isn’t cut out. The cut out area can now be resized and dragged into position.

Hope that helps. Let us know if you run into any problems.