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Abegail Merced aka Abbigirl

I think that is an awesome idea. I’m Puerto Rican and spanish is my second language. It would be great if when creating something special for my hispanic friends and family members if I could use proper spanish fonts. Such as the ~ over the letter n (known as the enye) and accent marks. I’ve always gotten by, by using this mark ~ in lieu of an n with the mark over it. The double ll is easy just hit one l twice and the ch letter in our language can also be substituted by writing an h after a c like you would in the english language. However the second n in our alphabet has that cute little squiggly line over it making it a little harder to substitute. So if you could provide us with the ~ over the n and accent marks I’d be forever grateful. The entire hispanic community would be forever grateful. And that’s a whole lot of gratitude! LOL Thank you Ribbet, for coming into my life and rescuing me after being abandoned by you know who. I’ve already edited my first pic.