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Hi Maury,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

You’re looking in the correct spot – the Watermark tool is how to add additional images to your photo on iPad. After adding an image you can zoom in on your photo by pinch-gesturing it and then resize the watermark by dragging the Resize icon on the bottom right corner of it. It should maintain the full quality of the watermark – it may be that right now you’re simply zooming into the image by pinching rather than dragging the corner of the watermark to resize it. We’re actually working on making this more intuitive to use right now and this will be included with the next update to our iOS app soon.

We’re also still working on bringing all the features from our desktop version to iOS and Android. We have to manually port each feature and it takes a significant amount of engineering, however we’re making excellent progress and in the upcoming updates you’ll see more and more functionality – eventually mobile will be very close to matching desktop.

If you’re still having issues with adding pictures on iPad please feel free to reach out to our support team over email at support [at] and we’ll do our best to help to resolve the problem, or let us know here if we can help further in any way.

– Regards, The Ribbet Team