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Hi there, my colleague has been using Photoshop to create our blog cover images ( and now I’m taking over the creation of those images – rather than buy Photoshop, however, I’ve purchased Ribbet premium because it’s user friendly, inexpensive, I’ve been using it personally for years etc. Unfortunately we’ve found that the image quality is too low for our website, even on the archived setting, and that small details like our logo strapline are blurry or the edges are pixelated and not smooth – I looked at some forum posts and then tried creating the image at twice the size and resizing it to be smaller once it had been saved to my computer (in order to be our standard blog image size, 670 x 450 px). This made the quality better on certain things, but not on the text smoothness around the edges (see the most recent blog post on our site for this). I’m really keen to keep using Ribbet rather than switching to photoshop, but in order to do that we need images that are as close to 600 dpi as possible. Is there any other way to ensure this quality in Ribbet? Thank you!