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Hi Karin,

That’s a pleasure! There isn’t a way to adjust the border width for individual cells of a collage, but there are ways around this. Here are a couple of thoughts:

– You could create 2 collages (and save them separately): the first for group A and the second group B. For each collage use the border width you want for that group.

Then create a 3rd collage with just 2 cells and drag on the 2 collages you just created (you can add previously saved collages to your cells by changing the Photo Basket’s dropdown to “History”)

– You could also edit any individual photo or collage and add a Frame to it from the Frames tab, such as our simple “Border” frame. Then you could create a new collage and include that edit (using “History” in the Photo Basket again).

Let us know if you have any questions about these as they include a few slightly tricky steps.

Regards – The Ribbet Team