In this tutorial we will demonstrate how you can selectively apply an effect to an area of your photo.

First open up your image and then follow these steps:

  1. Click Effects on the left bar and select the effect you want to apply
  2. Click the Paint tab at the top of the right panel
  3. Optionally zoom in using the bottom right zoom slider or the 3 dots next to it to zoom to a preset level
  4. Click the Move button at the top of the right panel and drag your image with your mouse to focus on your subject
  5. Click the Erase button (next to Move) and adjust your brush settings (size and/or hardness, found under Erase)
  6. Paint your image by clicking and holding down the mouse button and moving around

Quick Tips:

  • Hold the SPACE key on your keyboard to move around in Erase or Paint modes
    • Zoom in or out using your mouse’s scroll wheel or trackpad’s scroll gesture (normally 2 fingers up/down)

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