New to Ribbet for iOS

New today in our latest update to the Ribbet iOS app:

? Plastic Surgery tool to sculpt with Scalpel / Botox / Lipo
?? Sketch tool with Blend Modes
? Blank Canvas to start from scratch
? Square Frame to give perfect proportions

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Tips and tricks #2

Welcome to the 2nd ever installation of Ribbet Tips and Tricks! This time we’ll be focusing on some of the most useful features of of our new interface:

– Light and Dark Themes:

You can switch between light and dark themes by clicking the 2 circles up the top right of our new editor. The difference is like night and day and the darker theme works better when there isn’t much natural light on your monitor.

– Large and Small Effect Previews
You can also choose between large and small effect previews on the left panel, by clicking the toggle at the top right of the list. Large previews give you a better idea of what each effect will look like without actually trying it, whereas the smaller previews let you see more of the list at once making it quicker to navigate if you know what you want:

– Reset a Slider
You can now set sliders back to their original position by double-clicking their circle:

– Background Grids
You can now switch between 5 different background grids while you’re working on an image, providing an enhanced workspace with improved visibility and contrast. You’ll find the selector down the bottom left next to the photo basket:

– Sharing your Work
You can now share a Ribbet URL in order to share your edit. This means you don’t always have to download and then re-upload your work in say an email attachment. To use this feature simply head to the SHARE tab (on the top toolbar to the right of SAVE) and copy the URL displayed.

– Our Old Editor
You can still access the old Ribbet editor by clicking the link above the blue START EDITING button on our homepage, or directly at

– We’d Love your Feedback!
If you have any feedback on our new editor, our iOS apps, or anything else, please leave us a comment below.

For those who missed it, here’s our Tips and Tricks #1

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New editor improvements

Based on your feedback we’ve made lots of improvements to the new Ribbet editor, including a toggle at the top of the effects list to switch to smaller effect thumbnails.

Try it out!

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Valentine’s Day Fancy Card series

Today we’ve added a new Valentine’s Day Fancy Card series.

Choose your photos and customize the text to create Valentine’s Day cards to share online or print at home.

Create a Fancy Card

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New Contemporary Fonts and Sticker Groups

New! 21 contemporary fonts and 5 sticker groups including social media icons and arrows.

Try them now!

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New to iOS

By popular demand, we’ve just added Insta-thin, Dodging, Burning, Eye Bright and Fireside to Ribbet for iPad and iPhone. We’ve also made significant improvements to Collage, Airbrush and Wrinkle Remover. You should try them out!

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Our Halloween Photo Editing Contest is back!

Our 2017 Halloween Photo Editing Contest is back! Entry is free and you could win $500

Enter here

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Grid Collage – Now available on Ribbet for iPhone

Grid Collage has now landed on our iPhone app, with editable cells, flexible layouts and fine-tune adjustments.

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Ribbet for iPhone has arrived!

Ribbet for iPhone is here - With 1 month Free Premium

Ribbet for iPhone proves that powerful photo editing isn’t just for pros; a complete editing solution, it handles everything from basic edits to professional touch-ups. Hand-picked presets give you vast creative options, and if you want to go deeper, you’ll find everything from the clone tool to fine curve adjustments.

We’ll be adding new functionality very regularly, and our next big update will include Grid Collage, followed by the ability to add Text (these features are already present on iPad).

The app’s Premium features are free with Ribbet Premium (sign in from the app’s Settings) and we also offer a 1-month free trial (which includes access to our desktop editor and iPad app).

Our Android app for phone and tablet is also under heavy development and we will be releasing it as soon as possible!

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Ribbet for iPad is here

Ribbet for iPad is here - With 1 month Free Premium

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Ribbet for iPad, which is now available for download on the App Store.

Get a free month of Ribbet Complete when you upgrade in-app, which unlocks all functionality both on the iPad and on our desktop photo editor at

We’ll be adding new functionality to the app very regularly, and our next big update will include Grid Collage and more Effects, followed by the ability to add Text.

Ribbet for Android and iPhone are also under development and we are very excited to be releasing these in 2017.

We hope you love our apps and please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.

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