Our 2013 Halloween Photo Editing Contest is here!

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Improvements to Collage, Image Quality & More

We’ve just released a new Ribbet version with some important improvements to collage, image quality & more!

- Fine-tune your collages with rotate, flip, zoom and clear cell
- Improved quality of images in collages, images saved to Facebook, Flickr and Picasa/Google+, and images dragged from the Photo Basket
- Improved EXIF support for correct rotation of images on loading/saving and thumbnails on saving
- New search box in Ribbet top/side bar to search Ribbet help, forums and blog

Check out the updates and please share your latest Ribbet creations with us on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr!

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Over 75 Fonts added and new Tilt-shift effect

New Ribbet version! We’ve added over 75 contemporary, high-quality fonts, a new Tilt-shift effect, and various bug fixes.

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Improved Look, New effects & Collage size presets

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve launched a new Ribbet version! Here’s what’s included:

- Improved look and feel with a cleaner, easier to use interface
- 3 new touchup effects: Eyeliner, Eyebrow Pencil and Eye Shadow
- New size presets for collages, blank canvas and cropping, making printing at various sizes and creating Facebook cover collages easier than ever
- No need to sign in again after more than 10 days away from Ribbet (unless you sign out) and improved password reset emails and email delivery
- Photo basket is now available for unregistered users
- Bug fixes: Fixed issue when saving to Facebook, Flickr and PicasaWeb when not logged in and dealing with multiple images. Addressed Flash bug crashing certain effects including Vibrance and Gritty (learn more)

Check out the new features here

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Favorites Tab, Picasa Web & New Effects

We’ve just launched the latest Ribbet version with some of the best features yet!

- Favorite your most loved Ribbet effects, stickers, frames & seasonals to keep them shortlisted on your Favorites tab
- Google+, Picasa Web and Blogger integration: Edit, save, optionally replace and create collages directly from these services (connect via Picasa, Google+ tab)
- 21st Century Impressionism: Create oil paintings from your photos with this brand new effect

- 23 New Out-of-this-world Sandbox Effects to take your image processing to a whole new level
- Eraser brush added to HDR-ish, Pencil Sketch, Neon and Posterize effects
- Increased background contrast for better visibility when creating a white Blank Canvas
- Ability to replace edited Flickr photos now a feature for everyone, not just Flickr Pro members
- Bug fixes: Closed tool-tips no longer popup on future visits, Flickr replace problems and saving to a particular Flickr Set fixed, Hitting Enter key on Blank Canvas dialog now working

Check out the updates and please share your new creations with us on Facebook and Flickr. We’re excited to see what can be done!

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Worldly Filters, Plastic Surgery & Blank Canvas

Today we’ve launched more exciting new features:

- 5 new Worldly Filters: Add sophisticated, classic tones in a single click. Each filter brings out the color of the place it’s named after

- Plastic Surgery: Create touch-ups like never before with our Digital Scalpel, Botox and Lipo

- Blank Canvas: Now you can start from scratch with a canvas size, color and background. Perfect for using the Eraser Tool to erase backgrounds

- Our Blur effect now has a paintbrush tool for selective blurring

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True Vintage

Create authentic vintage-looking photos with True Vintage. It’s like 50 vintage cameras plus your own private dark room.

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Eraser Tool & Fonts From Your Computer

Introducing the Eraser Tool by Ribbet! Now you can easily delete areas from layers, textures, frames and stickers on all your favorite Ribbet creations. That means it’s now easy to add another person to a photo, and to customize textures, stickers and frames by deleting areas you don’t want.

Also new in today’s update: Now you can add text using any font from your computer. That means you can download and install thousands of free fonts from websites like dafont.com and 1001freefonts.com and then use them in your Ribbet creations, leading to endless Typographic possibilities. Just click “Load My Fonts” at the bottom of the Ribbet font list to use any font from your computer!

Try these new features out now!

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Seven brand new effects for you

Dear Friends,
We’ve just added seven brand new effects for you. Here’s the list:

- bokeh-ish
- extra black & white
- blur
- noise
- hand tinted
- fireside
- silver screen

You can find them on the “featured” tab.
Love Ribbet

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New Pro Editor and Artsy Brush Tools

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… New feature time! Over the coming weeks Ribbet! will be releasing lots of exciting new features to keep your editing juices flowing.

Want to get a little more advanced? Use our new Pro Editor tool to open up your masterpiece in Pixlr, a Photoshop-like editor where you can use fonts from your computer, fill areas with color, create layers and much more. Or try Pixlr Express, a fun, easy editor similar to Ribbet with many additional fonts, filters, frames and stickers.

Once you save your changes your photo will be flattened and you can keep on editing. To use your edited photo as a sticker, click Undo after editing. Note that Ribbet isn’t affiliated with Pixlr, we’ve simply integrated with their API to allow you to use multiple editors from one easy place.

Feeling Artsy? Artsy Brush is an all-new painting feature which lets you add lots of new artsy doodles to your photos.

Both new tools can be found on the “Featured” tab, which we’ve completely revised and now features our Holiday seasonals which include santa hats, beards, snow filters, Hanukkah icons, gift tags and much more.

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