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    Unless Im missing something, there is no way to bring up grid lines over the photo to align text, horizon, etc.

    It would be extremely helpful

    or I’m blind (and shouldn’t edit photos) haha

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    Hi Britt, Thanks for contacting us! That’s correct, currently there isn’t grid line support, however in a future version we will be implementing both grid lines, and alignment indicators (to show when elements are aligned along the center, left, right, top or bottom). Thanks for your feedback and I’ll update this thread when this enhancement is launched.

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    Yes, please! I’m a long-time user of Picnik/Ribbet…grid line support would be awesome!

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    YES! I would love for there to be alignment indicators and a removable grid to help with lining things up! I feel like that is just about the only thing that really is missing when I compare this awesome site to using Photoshop.

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    we really need grid lines and allignment aids for the tool. I am spending more than 20+ hours/week with Ribbet. Mastered it pretty well so far and do all the creatives with it for our multi-million dollar business. We need the grid!!

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    Incredible that you don’t have a grid or ruler on this. That makes it seem like it is really just for MOMs.
    Use this for quick fixes, but without a grid or ruler, you make me combine forces to get anything done.

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    Please add grid-lines. It’s impossible to eyeball measurements.


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    Hi Viv,

    We hear you! This feature is just about ready. We’ll be launching it within the next 3 weeks – please stay tuned for this awesome improvement.

    Regards – The Ribbet Team

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    awesomeness all around! 🙂

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